As we await the return of Foodie Fest in 2022, WFC competitions will be held as independent events. Send us an email to learn more about availability.

Golden Ticket Competitions

Maryland Foodie Fest has partnered with the World Food Championships to give Maryland food competitors the opportunity to win a sanctioned food competition and join team RAM at the World Food Championships (WFC) for the ultimate food fight.

The World Food Championships is the largest competition in Food Sport, where grand champions of previous events convene for a chance at winning the ultimate food crown– and a share of hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. The World Food Championships is also the springboard for many up-and-coming culinary stars and home cooks as they seek TV fame through well-known food shows and acting opportunities.

The Restaurant Association of Maryland is hosting five WFC-sanctioned competitions in September 2020:

  • Burger
  • Seafood
  • Bacon
  • Sandwich
  • Chef

Competition Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors, including our Seafood Competition sponsor, Maryland’s Best Seafood! Competing chefs in the Seafood category will use Chesapeake Bay Blue Catfish, provided by Maryland’s Best.

Judges’ Application

Anyone interested in judging the Seafood and Burger Competitions must complete the application in full in order to be considered. You do not need to be a professional or certified culinary judge to participate! 

Crab Cake Eating Contest

Phillips Seafood RestaurantsJoin Phillips Seafood for a crab cake eating contest on the main stage to show off your crab cake eating skills. The first person to finish six -3 ounce crab cakes will be crowned the winner!